‘Game Of Thrones’ Editor Katherine Chappell mauled by lion
‘Game Of Thrones’ Editor Katherine Chappell mauled by lion AfricaVision
AfricaVision on Saturday, June 6, 2015
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Twenty-nine year old Katherine Chappell, a visual effects editor on HBO’s Game of Thrones who worked on the Emmy winning episode “The Children,” was mauled by a lion and killed this week, according to the Daily Mail. Chappell was snapping photos of a lion through an open car window when a lioness leapt inside her car and attacked her. She was apparently slashed in the neck. Chappell had been taking photos right up until the moment of attack.


Meanwhile, Pierre Potgieter, her 66-year-old tour guide, also suffered a heart attack trying to fend off the lion and stop the bleeding in Chappell’s neck.


Chappell — who has also done visual effects work on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Divergent, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Noah — was in South Africa raising money for a charitable organization that protects animals from poachers.


For more information: http://uproxx.com/tv/2015/06/a-game-of-thrones-editor-was-mauled-to-death-by-a-lion-in-south-africa/

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