MIDEST MAROC 2015 - The Industrial Event in Morocco
Lying at the heart of trade between Europe, North Africa, the Arab world and West Africa, MIDEST MAROC is the reference event providing support for a rapidly growing industry that offers extensive opportunities.
MIDEST MAROC 2015 - The Industrial Event in Morocco AfricaVision
AfricaVision on Tuesday, May 26, 2015
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The Moroccan trade show for industrial subcontracting, machinery, equipment and services, will take place at OFEC, the Casablanca Exhibition Centre, from 9th to 12th December 2015. It is a major industry event for Morocco, which occupies a strategic geographical position that enables it to attract professionals in search of partnerships in the new markets of north Africa and elsewhere on the continent.

The Moroccan economy is, now, one of the most dynamic in the North African, African and Arab regions. The economic growth sustained 5% over the last four years (2007-2013), and should remain so in the upcoming years, despite the global economic crisis.

The industry with 28% is among the main contributors to the GDP of the kingdom ($ 105 billion in 2013). The index of manufacturing production rose 0.5% in the third quarter of 2013 compared to the same period of 2012. This is due in particular to the increase of the chemical industries (2,3%), the refining of oil (8,2%), metal working products (3,6%) and automotive production (1,7%).

A regional economic hub between Europe and Africa:
• The geographical position of Morocco between Europe and Africa has made Morocco an ideal location to attract visitors looking for solutions to their search for partnerships in new markets.
• Free trade agreements with the EU, the USA, other North African countries, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the WAEMU, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan; creating a market with a billion consumers.
• The rising level of technology and the way new problems are being addressed (respect for the environment, reduction in energy consumption, cost controls, etc.) are pushing manufacturers to invest in higher and higher performance installations.
• Strong demand for equipment in new markets such as Morocco that is enjoying rapid growth.

The industrial acceleration plan of 2014-2020: an integrated catalyst for growth:
• Creation of a half-million jobs, half from the FDI, and the other half from the renovated national industrial base.
• Increased industrial share in GDP by 9 points from14% to 23% in 2020.

For more information: http://www.midest-maroc.com

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