Fears of a malaria relapse in Madagascar
Fears of a malaria relapse in Madagascar IRIN
IRIN on Friday, June 7, 2013
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Madagascar’s recent gains in the battle against malaria are likely to be reversed because funding problems have interrupted prevention activities.

“When fighting malaria, you need to be very technical. When grants come in too late, we end up handing out nets and spraying houses during the rainy season. There are many remote places, which we can’t reach during this time,” Benjamin Ramarosandratana, director of the National Programme for the Fight Against Malaria, told IRIN.

“This year, our 2012 funding came in months later than we expected. For the next campaign, which runs from 2013 until 2015, we haven’t even signed the contract yet, while the year is already half over. This means that the nets we wanted to distribute in August won’t arrive until November,” Ramarosandratana said.

“Fighting malaria is like sitting on a spring. You need to keep up the pressure to keep figures low. The moment you let go, the amount of cases soar,” he said.

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